Every so often I think it’s healthy to challenge oneself, and not eat the things you think you need.  Six days ago I started a 60-day plant-based diet. Today is the first day I was craving something sweeter than fruit and was pretty short on time. So I came up with this pretty satisfying vegan version of strawberry shortcake.

As long as you don’t mind calling store-bought donut holes an ingredient, this recipe has just 4 ingredients!  By my standards this doesn’t actually qualify as a recipe, but my social media team has been encouraging me to share what’s happening behind the scenes and what I do to make life easier and more enjoyable. So here’s my non-recipe recipe.


3-5  Vegan cinnamon and sugar cake donut holes

⅓ Cup Silk plain soy yogurt

½ Cup fresh strawberries 

2-4 Tablespoons Califia Farms Oat milk 


Cut donut holes in half

Slice strawberries

This is more a loose assembly dish than a precise operation so feel free to add more fruit, less yogurt  etc. to achieve your preferred fruit-to-donut-to-topping ratio. 

Layer strawberries

then add a hearty dollop of yogurt

 then 3-5 donut halves.

Repeat the layers,

 and then drizzle with oat milk.

 Consume immediately!

P.S. If you haven’t figured it out yet, “plant-based diet” is the new longer yet lighter feeling name for folks who are trying, and thinking about trying, to becoming more vegan. Enjoy.