MLE is a professional organizing service that helps you create space, mentally and physically, to focus solely on what you are called to do.
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Welcome to MLE. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for help with organizing and need hands-on assistance.

Our goal is to Make Life Easy for you. Most often people find us during transitions and transformations. We’re often found organizing homes and offices in San Francisco, Atherton, and Menlo Park, but we do serve the whole Bay Area. We focus on assisting clients with preparing for moves and home renovations, living without clutter, and elegant organization solutions.

Clients trust our team of clever problem solvers because we apply a touch of humor and a dash of heart to every situation, making the organizing experience not only less painful, but also life affirming. And, of course, we make things more organized and beautiful along the way.

Take a peek around. And if you’d like to stay in touch, be sure to visit our Connect page before you go.

Our Philosophy

You have a mission. We make it our mission to improve your home, work, and life experience.

We approach this mission through the four MLE’s: Ease, Elegance, Efficiency, and Enjoyment. We believe that great organization facilitates these tenets and that’s why they are our philosophy. Our rubric. Our guiding principles. We bring the Es to life by providing you with thoughtful and skilled professional organizers, high-quality products, and custom solutions.

At MLE, our goal is to help you make life easy, elegant, efficient, and enjoyable, so you can do more of what you’re called to do.


MLE was founded by Emily Anderson in 2016. After helping a family member settle into their new home after a stressful cross country relocation, Emily realized that there is a significant need for trustworthy and thoughtful organizers to help busy professionals and their families negotiate life’s transitions. Learn more about us and our ethos.


Navigating your life’s transitions can be a daunting undertaking. Where do I begin? How will I know what to do? Where will I find time to do this? We understand that sometimes you don’t know the next step, and sometimes you simply don’t have the time to do it right! Connect with us to see if we can help you meet your goals.


At MLE we help you design and build your life the way you want through all sorts of life transitions. Sometimes it’s small tweaks here and there. And sometimes it’s a complete remodeling of your home and habits to uncover what’s possible. Learn more about how we can help you reach your potential.

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You are truly hiring an excellent professional and you get to take a load off your mind because things are done right for you.

– A.P.
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