There’s a common misconception that only  “disorganized” people need a professional organizer.  Au contraire!  The truth is more like this:  there are many ways to be organized, and hardly anyone is highly organized in all areas of their life. Lots of people are extremely organized about their work, keeping meticulous files, knowing exactly where each clients’ projects stand, tracking deadlines and events, and so on — but maybe don’t have the same infrastructure for keeping organized at home.  

Some people stay extremely organized with everything pertaining to their kids, but rarely devote that level of attention to their own personal lives.  

A writer might be good at organizing ideas, a graphic designer can organize information visually, and a gardener might have a tidy and efficient toolshed; but any of those folks might have recurring  problems with paper piles, cluttered homes, misplaced financial documents, or kitchens.  

Just because you’re not organized in every area of your life doesn’t mean you have any reason to feel bad about yourself.  Often, people don’t even recognize the ways in which they themselves are highly organized, because it comes naturally to them.   So before you get overwhelmed by the one or two areas that aren’t you strong suit, remember your strengths and lean on others to help fill in the gaps.

Of course that can mean using a professional. MLE Organizers can offer insights into organizing what’s not working.  Maybe your business or family grew so quickly you’re experiencing something of a backlog.  We’re honored to help people “catch up,” and to develop efficient systems that make it easier to stay on top of tasks with minimal amounts of time.