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Sautéed Apple Oatmeal Porridge

Sauteed apple oatmeal porridge

This rich satisfying oatmeal recipe has a serving of fruit, and 21 grams of protein! It’s great to make double batches with and put in the fridge when you want a better instant oatmeal.

If you’d like to see a fun video of Emily Anderson making this recipe with her friend Kelly Vorves, here’s a YouTube link to their Zoom call. It’s not edited so you can gather your ingredients and follow along!!

Sautéed Apple Oatmeal Porridge Recipe

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Getting Back in the Groove after a Break

We all know how lovely it is to get away once in a while, and how important it can be for your health, happiness, and productivity. But sometimes it can be so hard to get back into your routine that it very nearly unravels all the benefits you gained from taking a break in the first place. With many of you traveling for the holidays, we want to make sure you’re well-prepared for a smooth homecoming that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re already behind on things when the new year has only just started!


How to Care for Silver

By MLE Organizer Grace

Sunday dinners at my Great Grandmother’s house were always a special occasion. She brought out all the stops when setting the table:  handmade lace table runners, fine china and the good silverware. Great Gran took the same approach in her personal appearance. Her everyday dress was replaced with her Sunday best. Even her kitchen apron had fancy touches like ruffles or embroidery. She wore her good jewelry regardless of whether she had actual dinner guests or just our family.


How to Organize a Mudroom

A mudroom is a wonderful feature to have in a house:  a space to transition from outside to inside, so that you can avoid bringing too much of the outside in.  But let’s face it, a mudroom that is not fully thought-out can quickly become a disaster area. Here are some ideas for enjoying the benefits without getting bogged down in the mess.