Folks often ask me to show them how to do something organizing-related. I’m usually happy to oblige, but I was thrilled when Wendy Scott of Boutique Closets And Cabinetry asked me about how to file fold jeans! This folding and storage method is great because you can actually see your options and not just what’s on the top of the stack inside a drawer.

Wendy, this blog is for you!

Open your jeans, put the bum side down. (Can’t resist sharing the whole image here. I had to stand on a table lol)

Next, fold them in half like closed butterfly wings   

Then fold them in 3rds.  Bring the leg bottoms upward, twice. Note: if you have shallow drawers  Step 3 changes from thirds to quarters. Either way, you make your folds starting from the bottom.

Fold in half. Note the pocket is squarely on the crease. Repeat with all your jeans. 

Now off you go to fold and file your clothes so your drawer can be a happy drawer like this one!