Did you know there are 3 kinds of clothes in your bedroom? 

  1. Clean
  2. Dirty
  3. BD (barely dirty)

When clothes are clean, they’re put away. Dirty, they’re in the hamper. But the BDs… they cause a lot of clutter. They can be found draped over door handles.

Or as a pile on a flat surface like the top of a dresser or chair.  

What exactly are BDs?

Barely Dirties are the clothes that you’d totally wear again tomorrow. Yet, you wouldn’t pack for a trip.

They are the ones you don’t want to forget on laundry day. Which is why they don’t get put away. They don’t smell bad, but they don’t smell fresh either. You know, they’re barely dirty.

They’re usually our favorite jeans and comfy clothes. Ladies: they’re the good bras. You know, the ones that fit for 2-3 weeks of the month before your other ones come out.

If BDs clutter your bedroom or closet, there’s a simple solution: 

Get some hooks and put them up where you change.

Hooks are easy to install, cost effective, and can help you keep clothing clutter off your dresser, door, or floor. Your room will look more neat.

Hooks saving the day from BD clothes that likely would clutter the room otherwise.

Start with 2 double hooks per person. If you still have some clothing clutter piling up, add 1 or 2 additional hooks per person. The simple elegant organization hooks used in this project, were purchased from Target. If you have a clothing clutter, closet organization, or home organizing challenge you want me to blog about,  feel free to reach out on my contact page. This post is about helping you clear clothing clutter so your home can be more organized with or without a professional organizer. I was done writing, but the internet bot rules want me to add more words. Otherwise, it doesn’t technically count as a helpful organizing blog post. If you’ve read this far, you know that you were given a helpful clothing organizing tip from this home efficiency expert in far under 300 words. Regardless, thank you for reading this post to the very end. -Emily