For weeks, I’ve been dreaming of putting away my warm winter gear.  In the spirit of if you build it, they will come, here is my favorite one-hanger solution for storing all your warm winter gear together.  Even if it doesn’t actually make spring come faster, getting organized can help chase the winter blues away!

You will need one heavy-duty hanger that has two clips. You probably already have one…in which case I’m sure you’re practically tingling with excitement for this instant gratification organizing project!

Tip: Before you put away your winter gear, make sure everything is clean. If your boots need some freshening, you might want to throw some lavender or baking soda inside.

My winter gear + one heavy duty hanger with strong clips.

Step 1: Fill the Boot

Fill the cavity of the boots with your hat, gloves, and other soft items. If the idea of stuffing your gloves into the toe box of your boots makes you uncomfortable, place those into the pockets  or sleeves of the coat. Filling the toe box and shaft of your boot will keep the boot’s shape while not in use. Don’t forget to zip or tie them after they’re stuffed to be sure items don’t fall out.

Step 2: Clip the Boots Together

With the clips in a centered position, clip the boots together. Use both clips.

Step 3: Place Coat on Hanger

Place your coat on the hanger with the boots attached.

The beauty of this solution is that next time you pull out your coat (hopefully not till next November or December), everything else you need will be ready to go. No wondering where you stored your hat when you’re already running out the door.

As for your other tall boots, fill them with additional gloves, scarves and hats, and hang them inside other coats (rain coat with rain boots, perhaps?). If your closet is already too full without your coat, you probably will have trouble with the extra bulk from the hanging boots solution. If this is the case, you may want to store them on the floor below your coat instead. Try weighting the boots’ toe areas to prevent them from falling over (an old pair of socks with pennies placed inside should do the trick).

Happy spring everyone!