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Helping Your Housekeeper to Help You Stay Organized

Once you’ve got things organized in your home the way you like them, it’s important to get everyone involved on board with your system.  This includes your housekeeper, who may well be used to your old system — or their own — and might have a tendency to put things away where you can’t find them.  To avoid having “cleaning day” become “disorganization day,” try out these tips


Coat Closet Organizing Basics for Families 

Sometimes a coat closet seems to be a repository for everything but coats — while coats themselves get strewn about an entry way or wherever they are shed.  What really should go in a coat closet, and how can it be organized? The answers, of course, will vary depending upon the space available as well as the needs and habits of the people using it.  But here are some general guidelines to consider in your quest to spiff up your coat closet this spring


The One-Hanger-Winter-Gear-Storage Solution

For weeks, I’ve been dreaming of putting away my warm winter gear.  In the spirit of if you build it, they will come, here is my favorite one-hanger solution for storing all your warm winter gear together.  Even if it doesn’t actually make spring come faster, getting organized can help chase the winter blues away!