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Moving with Style and Grace

Whatever shape moving takes, it’s a lot of work and there’s a lot of potential for mishap. Everyone has a story of a move that took longer than expected or of the box that got stacked upside down on the truck. While they can be heartwarming to reminisce about, these are the memories that taught you to seek help for the next moving process – that guided you to work with people who are well-trained, thoughtful, and have impeccable judgment. From planning to packing to moving to unpacking and organizing, the MLE White Glove Moving Service is the highest level of care and assistance. MLE White Glove Service Providers are highly trained professionals that help you move forwards through the process by focusing on the end goal and helping you through each step to get there. At every step, MLE ensures that you’re not without the things you need when you need them. When moving with MLE,you’ll work with people who care about your experience, who understand that the things in your home are not just things, but objects that make your life feel rich and meaningful, and who can take things off your plate so that you can keep your focus where you want it to be.

At MLE, we can:


Based in San Fransisco, MLE is a certified relocation consultant & moving concierge service serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Plan the Move

It’s not just about hiring the truck and getting stuff from here to there. It’s everything that has to get done from the time you know you’re going to move to the time when you’re completely settled in your new home. It’s determining what’s getting moved, what’s getting gifted, what’s getting recycled, and what’s getting donated. It’s determining what needs to be accessible during the move and when. And it’s determining what all needs to be in the new house to accommodate your life and where it needs to go in the house to help you live the best life. Advance planning is a key component of the MLE White Glove Moving Service.


Anybody can shove things in boxes, at MLE we understand that following a clearly-defined system helps make the move easier and more efficient for all involved. There is a right way to pack the boxes. There is a right way to store the boxes prior to the move. And there is a right way to load the truck for the move. Where appropriate, MLE works with experts to help pack and move the special items that require the utmost care. Attention to detail is a key component of the MLE White Glove Moving Service.


Unpacking in your new home is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. The excitement of seeing your prized possessions placed exactly how you envisioned easily outweighs the anxiety of living in a new space. But as that excitement fades, the questions linger. Is this the right place for this? Am I going to be able to find everything that I need? Where am I going to put all of these other things? At MLE we understand that there is a right box to be unpacked first in your new home. Importantly, we understand the importance of finding a home for everything, not just a place to put it. Thoughtfulness is a key component of the MLE White Glove Moving Service.

MLE was super helpful in renting out a property. She virtually worked with the homeowner to pack his belongings while he was relocating to the East Coast from his SF bachelor pad. As a property manager, I found her organizational skills priceless. Because she did her job flawlessly I was able to put the home on the market and found a great tenant to fill the fab apartment. Thank you Emily!

– A.M.
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