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Managing All of Life’s Moves

Life can easily be measured in the moves that you make. You move out of your parent’s house. You move to and from college. You move into an apartment. (Sometimes with roommates). You move into a small flat with your significant other. You move into a larger house with your significant other and kids. You move your kids out. You move into a smaller place for retirement. All of these moves represent moments in time with different challenges and needs.

Navigating local and long distance relocations can simultaneously be stressful, overwhelming, cathartic, and rewarding. MLE understands that you are pulled in a million different directions by a million different responsibilities and desires during each one. At the end of the day, you just need more time to get through it so that you can get back to living your life. MLE can help you find that time. Whether by sorting and purging your furnishings and household goods prior to the move, creating an organizational system for the move and inventory of your belongings, or physically packing boxes, MLE can help you do it all!

About Us

Based in San Fransisco, MLE is a relocation consultant & moving concierge service serving the San Francisco Bay Area.


Though often disruptive, relocations & permanent moves afford you an opportunity to start afresh with the way you organize your belongings and the way you set up your routines. And the idea is to make your new system better than your last. Find out how MLE’s white glove services can help you downsize your home or prepare for a move across town, cross-country, or internationally.

Temporary Moves

Some of life’s transitions kick you out of your home just so you can move back in later. This can happen when you choose to renovate, or take a job in a different city for a year or two. In either case, you must pack up your belongings now and unpack them right back here later. Find out how MLE can help you prepare for a home renovation.

Settling In After The Move

Whether your move was to a new home or just back into your renovated home, settling in can be time consuming and a challenge. New spaces and new furniture force you to evaluate your organization systems because nothing ever fits exactly the same way in a different spot. And after all the moving, you just want to get out of boxes and onto life and what’s important to you. Find out how MLE can help you unpack and settle in after the move.

Moving is stressful, and Emily takes the stress out of it. Emily and her team really take care of you – and ultimately, they make moving easy.

– S.A.
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