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Forging Your Own Path

While there are many benefits to be derived from designing and using a custom solution, the elegance and simplicity of it might be the most important. By starting from square one with a custom solution, you are able to clearly identify what your needs really are and design a system to meet them. This journey leaves you with a streamlined solution that matches you, looks the way you want, and works the way you work.

And this doesn’t just apply to custom spaces. Organizing a space doesn’t just give you some new shelves or clean drawers – it gives you a chance to explore the processes and routines you use everyday to see how you can use your space more efficiently and effectively. Similarly, unpacking and settling in to a new space lets you approach things from both angles!

In all three cases, MLE can help. We work with interior and industrial designers and engineers to create custom solutions for your space and develop high-quality products to help you keep organized in the future.

Custom Solutions

While there are times and situations when the most bang for the buck comes from a one-size-fits-all solution, the most effective organizational plan is often a custom solution designed around your space, your needs, your routines, and your belongings. Find out how MLE can help you design and execute:

Custom Processes

When organizing your current space, you have the opportunity to update both the way you handle the physical space and the processes and routines you use in that space. By exploring custom processes that best match the space, you can change the way your routine flows, without having to dramatically alter the space, saving money in the short term and saving time and energy in the long term. Find out how MLE can help you organize a:

Settling In

Unpacking boxes and getting settled in after a move of any size can be a fantastic time to explore installing custom solutions. New spaces and new furniture lack the emotional baggage and muscle memory that can limit your attempts to reorganize a space or install new systems. And rather than spend extra time trying to figure out how to fit your belongings into the space, you can design the space to fit the belongings, allowing you to unpack faster and get back to what’s important to you, whether it’s exploring a new art installation or volunteering at a local non-profit. Find out how MLE can help you unpack and settle in after the move.

Thanks to professional organizer extraordinaire Emily Anderson, my yoga and training gear has never looked so good. Feels like I have a brand new studio!

– F.G.
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