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Organizing For Life’s Transitions

Help from a professional organizer can be useful in any situation where you feel overwhelmed, are not certain how to proceed, or just simply don’t have time. MLE can help with the gamut of organizational services to help you find time for what you find important.

At MLE, our services are informed by our education and professional experience. Our organizers have studied a variety of specialities, including culinary arts, interior design, and hospitality services, that provide us with a range of perspectives that we bring to every project. When appropriate, we call in specialists from our extended network to help us tackle extremely niche circumstances with extraordinary considerations. For example, designing a custom wine closet that descends from the ceiling might require consultation with an engineer to ensure that the solution is capable of supporting the weight of the wine while still being easy to operate.

We understand that not only is every client unique, but every project for every client is unique. And while similarities between projects may appear to exist, the combination of situation, needs, and root causes create infinite complexity. As a result, our services are quoted on a project-based basis and we do not quote projects site unseen. Fortunately, once we’ve had an opportunity to discuss your project and its scope, we have experienced enough projects to have a good understanding of what it will take to help you execute your project.


Are you moving across town? Across the country? Across an ocean? Maybe you’re moving into a temporary place while your home is being renovated? Or maybe you’ve just finished your move and you need help unpacking and getting settled in? MLE can help. Learn more.


Are you looking to protect your kitchen or bath?  Has some cooking oil, make-up, or water damage already occurred?  Whether you want to cover existing stains or protect for the future, we’ll get you covered with precisely cut custom shelf and drawer liner for your home.  Order liners now.

Elegant Solutions

Are you tired of trying to make one-size-fits-all products fit in your unique spaces? Have you given up on improving your productivity with self-help systems that don’t get you? Are you starting afresh in a new place and want to make it your own? MLE can help you design and develop custom solutions and processes that match your situation, needs, and life. Learn more.

MLE was super helpful in renting out a property. She virtually worked with the homeowner to pack his belongings while he was relocating to the East Coast from his SF bachelor pad. As a property manager, I found her organizational skills priceless. Because she did her job flawlessly I was able to put the home on the market and found a great tenant to fill the fab apartment. Thank you Emily!

– A.M.
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