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Moving – Unpacking After a Move


Settling In Should Be Fun

You finally found the right place and the movers are scheduled to get you in the door, but we both know you won’t feel settled till the last box is in the recycling bin. If you’re ready for the moving process to be over, but the task of unpacking is still hanging over your head, don’t worry. MLE is here to help!

Just as you hired professionals to move those boxes, we can help you unpack and set everything up. We can:

  • Unpack all of your boxes in 1-3 days
  • Line your cabinets and shelves
  • Set up and organize your new abode
  • Create systems for your day-to-day stuff

We will organize your new home in a way that will make life simple and productive. From the kitchen and bathroom to bedrooms and closets (even your garage and play area!) we will thoughtfully find homes for all your things.

By allowing us to handle the physical unpacking and the critical thinking to make it all work, you are free to accomplish all the other tasks. Pick out gorgeous paint colors. Get to know your new neighborhood! What MLE is really offering you here is the ability to get back to your life, your way, faster. Who wouldn’t want that?

MLE was hired to help me get settled into my new home after a cross-country relocation. Thanks for making a new start easier!

– K.A.
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