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Managing Your Wine Collection


Keeping Track Of All Your Bottles

Staying organized with your wine can be a challenge, especially when you have more than a few cases. While it will take some time to set up a system, the reduced hassle after the project is complete will make that special bottle that much more enjoyable. You know you’re sipping it at its peak!

Our process for organizing wine is simple and effective. We make it easy for you to Monitor, Locate, and Enjoy your wine collection.

If you’re like a lot of our clients, your wine collection started out as a few special bottles, and a couple memberships. Before too long, you realized you needed a wine locker. Then as you filled the locker, you started to realize you lost track of which bottles have filled your home’s rack, which are in the locker, tucked in the back, which ones you may have received from friends, and which you may have gifted to friends.

We know how much pleasure there is in the wine acquiring process. We know from our clients, fellow wine enthusiasts, who don’t have the time or desire to sort through case after case to get everything well organized, that you might be concerned that if you don’t organize your collection you may miss out on some great bottles that will push past the perfect drinking age.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in good company.

Here are the areas we address when we organize wine the MLE way:

  • Monitor – Each bottle is entered into wine tracking software so your entire collection is known and searchable.
  • Locate – Wines are organized into specific zones based upon the unique characteristics of your collection and available space.
  • Enjoy – Helpful information is printed on individual bottle labels making them easily identifiable. Details can include: wine name, region, vintage, price paid, person who gifted it, and suggested drinking range dates. We can also help set up a simple system so your significant other knows which ones are preferred party bottles and which ones are do-not-drink-without-me wines!

I will use her and her crew at my new home!

– S.A.
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