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Loving Your Home AND Your Small Children

Do you love your home? If your answer is anything less than an enthusiastic “YES!” it could be that your home — or at least parts of it — don’t reflect who you are, or how your family functions. Often, when spaces aren’t working for us we assume the problem is the people, and try to  “fix” them. And most of the time, that doesn’t go so well. Instead, what if we could fix the space to match the people living within it? With small children, though, you may find that a compromise is called for. As fun as it may be for your littles to live in Preschool Paradise, a home has to be comfortable for adults, too.


Preparing for Your Kitchen Remodel

So, you’re ready to upgrade to that kitchen you’ve always wanted.  It’s exciting, but if you’re feeling a little daunted too, you’re not alone.  Likely there will be times in this process when you think to yourself, those old cupboards could not have been that bad! I could have lived with the stove and the sink being so far apart — at least I was getting my exercise!  And those old counters — well, at least I had counters.  It’s hard to do without a kitchen for any length of time.  Depending upon the extent of your renovations (and the unexpected things that come up along the way), you may be without your usual appliances and workspace for a couple weeks, or several months.  There will probably be times when you have to do without electricity, plumbing, gas, or all of the above.