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The Ethos By Which We Work

Being disorganized makes you wonder, “where did all my time go?” It makes you feel you’re not aligned with your values, goals, or intentions. That pile of unsent mail hurts when you find it. When your kitchen is cluttered or frustrating to use, it can be a challenge to bring yourself to cook, especially after a long day. Ten minutes spent rummaging in the garage to find a baseball is ten fewer minutes you spend playing catch or catching up with your friends.

Finding ways to make it easier for you to have more time and space for the good stuff is why we do what we do. We want you to have the feeling when you open your cupboard to cook that everything is eagerly waiting. It’s time to make a great meal. The feeling of ease when you want to send a card or package. The stamps, scissors, and tape are ready and in place. You’re taking a moment to show someone you care. Okay, maybe you’re just trying to return a stack of packages to UPS, before they close, so you don’t have to explain just how click happy you were a few nights ago.

Whatever your goals, we want to help make life easy for you. As professional organizers we find satisfaction in the process and in seeing how the results benefit each client. Yes, we want you to be able to show off your closets to friends with pride, but the real merits of organizing lie not just in how things look, but how organization supports your intentions, interests, goals, and package returns.

In all we do, we seek to create space and simplicity to help you live a more fulfilling life that is focused on your goals and gives you the time to achieve them. To that end, our organizing solutions for home, work, and life are simple, practical, and easy to maintain.

Why organize with us?

Because we have the desire, perspective, and temperament to help you achieve your goals. We enjoy seeing you get more satisfaction from your homes. We love getting thank you notes years later about how our systems are still saving time. We want to earn your trust and build a long term relationship with you.

We back these motivations up with our education, training, and experience. MLE’s founder has degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Culinary Arts, the most relevant higher education in the organizing industry. We regularly attend conferences and workshops to continue our education and training and to find out more about the latest in organizing trends. Learn more about Our Code of Ethics.

Not only were the initial goals met, but they took the new home organizational process to a higher level without being prompted to do so.

– K.A.
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