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The Method Behind The Madness Tidiness

When working together with you, our project workflow can be broken down into a 12-step program with 3 phases.

Motivations: Listening and Learning Phase

  • First, we chat with you, either on the phone or in person, to learn about you and determine what prompted you to seek our help.
  • Second, we scope the project. This is where we review your needs, goals, space, and contents.
  • Third, we create a proposal for your project. We take a few days to think through what will be needed to make the project a success and we’ll outline the project deliverables, cost, team size, and timeline.
  • Fourth, we review the proposal with you and revise it based on your feedback. We want you to understand the ins and outs of what we’re going to accomplish and will give you an opportunity to craft the project to make sure that the scope, time frame, and budget work for you.

Activation and Activity Phase

  • Once we’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted the lower-case j’s, we send you a digital contract for signing.
  • After signing the agreement, you send us the agreed-upon deposit.
  • Seventh, we arrange work dates with you. While we discuss potential work and goal dates with you during the listening and learning phase, this is when the graphite hits the paper and we pencil you into our schedule.
  • Work begins! This is when MLE’s thoughtful organizers come to help you make your life easy, elegant, efficient, and enjoyable.
  • The ninth step is the testing and feedback phase. This is when you take your space for a test drive and identify any areas that need further refinements.

Elevation and Finalizing Phase

  • Based on the areas you identify, we return and help you fine tune your space and processes together. You know what still feels rough and we can help provide the perspective and expertise to smooth out those last few patches.
  • When the scope of the project has been met and you’re satisfied, the final invoice is sent to you for payment.
  • Finally, the cycle starts over as you start to identify other areas in your life where we can help make things easy, elegant, and efficient.

I feel like each hour with her could save me several hours per week indefinitely. Wish I had done this sooner.

– T.B.
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